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RxUSA Terms, HIPPA AND PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT, and Conditions of service

Please read, the information below before placing any order for drugs or medications. If you have any question or do not agree with the terms and conditions below please call us before placing any order! Your placing any order for medication acknowledges that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions below.  We do not fill prescriptions for Controlled Substances!!!.

All Prescriptions received by Phone, Fax, E-Mail, or Mail, from Patients, Physicians, Clinics, Hospitals, or other health care professionals, are received by our Pharmacy, in New York State, and are subject to being filled under the jurisdiction and laws and regulations of the State of New York and of appropriate Federal regulations if applicable. Delivery of your medication, regardless of the address you designate will be construed to have been made in the State of New York by our giving your order to  DHL or FedEx for delivery to you. Your transmission to us, of your prescription, and request to have the medication shipped to you at any designated address is an acknowledgement that you have read this notice and agree that New York State and Federal laws and regulation, govern and control, as to this prescription order, and will be subject only to New York State law and jurisdiction.

HIPPA AND PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT - All patient/customer information is held in 100% strict confidence. NO INFORMATION RELATING TO PATIENT OR MEDICATION, IS SOLD, SHARED OR DISSEMINATED TO ANY THIRD PARTY. ALL PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED, INFORMATION RECEIVED, AND MEDICINE DISPENSED, IS COMPLETED BY OUR PHARMACY. We can contact your insurance company, if needed; all prices posted do not include costs for time to correspond with any Insurance Company relative to your prescription coverage. Dated-1/1/2004

SHIPPING:  (All orders may require a signature upon delivery  EXCEPT ORDER SHIPPED VIA USPO-where no signature is required for delivery, and which are not insured  unless customer requests insurance for which there is an additional charge)
Fuel surcharges apply to all orders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2-Foreign orders have a minimum handling charge or bank wire charge of $25.00-$40.00 per order. On all Foreign orders, our responsibility ends with delivery of your order to an international air courier. All customs duties, taxes and insurance if requested in writing, are the sole responsibility of the receiver.

3-Free USPO  Ground shipping in the Continental USA for all orders over $300.00 ( exceptions are glass items, refrigerated items, liquids, injectibles, and those items that require special packaging and handling) (Free ground shipping not available to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands US Postal Shipping available on request- Time for delivery cannot be assured and all USPO orders are shipped at customer risk of loss or delay, and without insurance. RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY SURCHARGE OF $1.95 PER ORDER APPLIES TO ALL ORDERS

4-To safely dispose of all expired, damaged or unusable medications, it is recommended that medications should be rendered unusable by crushing and mixing with water or kitty litter and then disposed of in a tamper proof container in the garbage. For questions or further information you may also contact your local or state health department by consulting the following web-site, www.apha.org/public_health/state.htm

No refunds, returns, exchanges are possible for any drug or medication once shipped to you. This is the law in the USA. All prices are subject to change without notice but will never be more than Average Wholesale Price from the Manufacturer for the unit package size plus shipping & handling cost. In the event of a typographical or computation error we will always honor the Manufacturer's Average Wholesale Price as the price charged for any item.  All orders  SHIPPED VIA US Post Office- carry a  no signature  requirement for delivery, and which are not insured  unless customer requests in writing, before shipment,  insurance for which there is an additional charge
. No processing for orders alleged to have been lost in transit by the US Postal service can be processed until 30 days from date order has been shipped.

Foreign orders have a minimum handling charge of $25.00 per order, PLUS shipping charges. Our responsibility ends with delivery of your order to an international air courier. All customs duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the receiver. All orders require a signature upon delivery to protect your medication. Rates quoted on request.

PRICE MATCH OR BEAT GUARANTY POLICY:  Please visit our web address location  for complete terms relating to our 100% price guaranty policy relative to the major, USA, mail order Pharmacies and their posted internet prices at www.rxusa.com/priceguaranty.htm .